Offer Products of Value

Scalable Products of Value offer Incredible Leverage

The Goal for Every Online Marketer is to build Solid Value

The ultimate goal is to set up a business that delivers value to your customers at every level of entry. Offering scalable products of value will make your offer more compelling to your prospects and infinitely more profitable to you.

passive incomeWithout a customer-centric model focused on delivering value at the lowest entry point, FREE where it costs the prospect NOTHING – it becomes a little harder to create leads (organic or paid) and begin the value cycle.

The “free thing” can take the shape of many different offerings, anything from a “Free Guide”, Free “How To Videos” or even a “Free Membership” to a shopping site. Just keep in mind that the lowest entry point for your offer must offer value to the prospect.

As a result of delivering value… your “system” has the chance to deliver revenue and drive sales. In theory, you would just rinse and repeat the process.

Think about this: If you can find a way to deliver value and incorporate technology, introduce and leverage automation AND inject this approach into the global marketplace… you have a good chance of making it work – right?

If we agree on that premise, then why not take that same approach to helping other people along the way get started in a business and then duplicate the process? Help them incorporate technology, introduce them to automation and provide them a way to enter the global marketplace.

That’s the goal of Part 7, the final installment of this blogging series, show other people how relatively easy it is to establish and duplicate a successful business model that delivers value and revenue in a sustainable and repeatable way.

Establishing a Consumer Base

The reality is that in order to have a sustainable online business model, not only do you need a system that will work for you, you need to offer products of value to a customer base.

Remember, not everyone online wants to build an online business… but EVERYONE is a consumer. For this reason alone, you need to work into your model a way to offer value to the consumer base you will invariably attract into your business as you market your opportunity to the masses.

I would argue that having a solid product line that consistently delivers value and keeps your customers happy is one of the most important aspects of creating an online business. This simple approach seems pretty obvious but it’s often overlooked by the “get rich quick” crowd.

These folks will typically enter a market and then disappear in a matter of months because they don’t understand the value model cycle that is required. These types of marketers focus on the sale, not on the requirement of delivering value.

Keep in mind however, this one essential grouping strategy (establishing a consumer base as part of your business) that is the magic that can hold a system together. By building a business that has repeatable buyers, you have a foundation to build on.

Ideally, you want to build a business with all three of the entry points described below, offering value at each level.

  • Beginner (customer)
  • Intermediate (business builders)
  • Advanced (established marketer)

Built correctly, these types of opportunities grow organically, on value alone – not hype.

In addition to consulting small businesses and other entrepreneurs with marketing strategies, over time I’ve developed technology partnerships to help others build out the right foundation for starting online businesses of their own. If you’re new to all of this, its ok because the following information is designed to support and guide you on how to get started.

Conversely, if you know how to drive traffic to an offer… this page is going to be very exciting for you, because even if you have a successful online business, diversifying with great new opportunities is never a bad idea.

Three Powerful Elements

If you focus on creating a business that has each of the 3 Elements that I outline below, you can create a business with multiple income streams that work together in a synergistic way. Each element below offers an important piece to creating a sustainable and profitable online business.

When you build a business that delivers value and provides quality to your customers over and over you have a real chance at building a business that will help you achieve financial independence. The secondary and equally important aspect to any successful business are the types of products you offer.

Business Element #1 eCommerce & Mobile Devices

Leverage the global e-commerce explosion and make it mobile

This is exactly how you will build in your consumer base & capitalize on a global $1.5 trillion market shift.

What if you could combine & leverage the hyper growth of mobile technology with consumer driven e-commerce? Well, that’s what you can do by adding this element to your business. As Goldman Sachs predicts retail mobile commerce sales alone (excluding travel a $100 billion industry on its own and excluding digital goods such as music and apps) will jump 45.9% to $298 billion in 2015, increase 39.1% to $415 billion in 2016, rise 24.4% to $516 billion in 2017, and jump again 21.3% to $626 billion in 2018.

Internet marketing

This is what a dying business model looks like.

That is a lot of money shifting from business as usual commerce to what many are calling the new economy. Adding this element to your business model is a smart first step.

As mentioned above Goldman Sachs forecasts that mobile commerce represented 27.2% of e-commerce sales in 2014, predicts, 33.9% in 2015, 40.5% in 2016, 43.8% in 2017, and 46.6% in 2018 as mobile technologies and capabilities explode.

This new take on an existing business models packs the dynamic strength of a one-two punch that combines rock-solid consumer benefits with an unmatched global opportunity for business builders.

Imagine, as a customer, having accesses to thousands of Hotel and Travel benefits from all of the major players like Priceline, Expedia & Travelocity or shopping at top US brand websites like Apple, Nordstrom, Lowes, Target or even letting Walmart deliver your groceries and earning cash back on all your purchases? Consumers win with a model like this and it’s exactly the perfect way to introduce value and create your customer base.

Business Element #2 Simplicity in Getting Started

Make it Simple & Easy for anyone to get started

Generally speaking, not everyone you’re going to come into contact with is a marketing expert.

What are you going to tell this person that doesn’t have the first clue about getting started? How are you going to help them? If you don’t have a way to help new people you’re both going to be out of business.

For this reason, your business model should include a roadmap and plan to help the brand new person achieve success and grow.

This is exactly why I have this particular partnership in place AND offer advanced marketing & training courses for anyone who wants to build an online business.

These types of “Done for You” products have real staying power too, because they offer various levels of training and can help anyone with their online business.

Business Element #3 Unlimited Scale

There is nothing wrong with owning a Pizza Hut, a 7-Eleven or a local grocery store or any other type of local business like a Starbucks Coffee shop. These businesses are important to our local economy and provide lots of jobs in the process – the problem however, is these types of business do not scale.

These types of business are bound to a maximum geographic reach. If you own a oil changing service in San Jose CA, where I live – do you think you will have customers coming to your shop all the way from L.A.? No… there is s 6-hour distance between the cities and the commodity of an oil change is not worth the trip. Therefore this business model is bound by its geographical reach.

You can not scale a Geo-targeted geographically constricted business marketing strategies

However, if your business is without geographic constrictions, and you sell to the world and operate in the space of Global eCommerce your business has the potential to grow exponentially without restrictions in the global market.

Suddenly SKYPE or Google Hangouts and Webinar tools become your new presentation platform around the world. Powerful.

Everything you Need

So there you have it, when you combine these 3 Elements into a global sales platform like the internet, you have one very compelling internet marketing opportunity.

By combining automation, advancing your marketing sophistication level…and digging into all of the training and support available it becomes a business model formula that you apply in your marketing. Once in place, it’s all about exposing these business models and driving up the long-term value of your customers and team members by helping them build their business.

There are no secrets to succeeding with online marketing, you just need to set up the right kind of business structure, understand the formula and build out the process.

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