What Kind of Business Can You Start Online?

The Most Important Question To Ask

This is a very common question and ultimately, one of the most important to ask. One of the biggest reasons for taking the time to properly research the business opportunity you plan to start is that you will be investing one of your most valuable assets… your time. This topic is rarely ever discussed and why this page is SO LONG. Often times, internet marketers (not all) are in and out with a product or service and leave lots of people on the sidelines with very little to no value left in the product or service they purchased.

If you plan to focus your efforts into something, make sure you’re in a position to maximize on returns, whether or not those returns are monetary or personal rewards. Keep in mind… you need some kind of ROI (return on investment) because you can never get your time back. Make sure you understand and set goals related to your efforts.

Something to keep in mind if you’re brand new. Its easy to get lost in the internet psychosis of (SOS) Shinny Object Syndrome. If you choose something stick with it… this business takes the combination of both Time & Effort.

For the many reasons I share in the Internet Marketing vs. Business as Usual section of this website, Business as Usual is tough and is getting harder in terms of regulations, taxes and start up costs. It doesn’t have to be that way once you’ve discovered some of the secrets that enable you to better position yourself away from the more common Business as Usual approach.

Internet marketing works

Once was I exposed to the world of Internet Marketing and realized that I could indeed beat the business as usual approach… I’ve really never looked back. The business model holds too many advantages over business as usual to be discounted.

Understanding the right type of business to start online… is a crucial first step towards discovering what is good, what is bad and what is a complete waste of time and money. I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to learn that one step.

Fortunately, I now understand what it takes and what I’m about to share with you, most people never discover.

Its the Customer Value Optimization model created by Digital Marketer and its the perfect online acquisition model to frame a business around. Looking at the top of the image (below) diagram (Determine Product/Market fit) can be seen circled in yellow and the correct way to choosing what kind of online business opportunity to pursue. Lets break this down a little further. This system works because it exploits each and every aspect of the irrefutable law of business growth put forth by legendary marketer Jay Abraham:

There are only three ways to grow a business.

  • Increase the number of customers
  • Increase the average transaction value per customer
  • Increase the number of transactions per customer

We call it Customer Value Optimization or CVO. This is exactly how you want to build an online business… by creating a funnel system that drives the CVO metric outlined above.

Customer Value OptimizationNow lets talk about rest of the formula, to determine Product/Market fit? In very simple terms… the next step is to connect a viable business to this acquisition model.

Find a NEED and FILL IT. Preferably, you fill it with VALUE. Without Value its just a transaction and not very sticky. Ideally, you want this opportunity to be something that can SCALE, is SIMPLE to follow and makes it EASY for ANYONE to create.

Preferably, anyone should be able to do it PART-TIME.

That’s a pretty tall order… but, lets face it, if you are going to help people create something from home or on the side, with their free time… its needs to fit with this approach. Right? Lets continue.

Find a need: Is there a need for the product or service? Is there anyone out-there that can benefit from what you’re offering? Fill it: Create a system that fills a need and allows users to share a message that solves for the above need. Offer Value: It must offer value to the user and the prospect, beyond just exchanging dollars.

It needs to have a “sticky” type of value proposition.

internet marketing vs. business as usualLets take a moment to talk about the online opportunity and how the Internet has changed everything. With the unprecedented growth forecast of mobile consumers and a projected doubling of internet users over the next decade – business models that are designed to take advantage of this trend will be the leaders moving forward.

Of course the big corporations will be involved… the Google’s, Facebook’s and Twitter’s of today along with every other social platform are all positioning themselves for this trend.

But what is the average person to do with this opportunity? Get a job at one of these places or build a product or service that can compete? No, most of these opportunities for the average person are too far reaching to make that happen.

Of course you could spend time discovering a problem or pain point that has not been solved yet and build a SAAS (software as a service) business around it… or perhaps even better… find a business model that allows the individual to compete?

Yes. Find a business model that allows the individual to compete in a global market with an opportunity that can scale in size and reach.

Scale: This opportunity must allow the individual to compete on a global scale and solve for the above. Never before, in our history have we seen the avalanche of new tools, technologies and the ability to reach so many people with minimal effort.

Its an online Entrepreneurs’ dream come true… a digital marketplace without boarders… a global opportunity focused on creating relationships, value and community. We’re truly living in an amazing time, where the Internet is consuming more and more of the space that used to be occupied by physical products and offices, a trend that is outpacing antiquated business models at an alarming rate.

The once mighty music industry is barely recognizable today…and iTunes has revolutionized information distribution. Like it or not, the Internet is also collapsing what used to be the framework of the industrial revolution and manufacturing. Cloud based internet marketing

The Network Marketing / Internet Marketing business model is giving more opportunity to more people around the world than at any other time in history thanks in part to cloud computing and a global marketplace.

Its also a place where mammoth amounts of growth will take place. In today’s global economy, the opportunity to create business in every part of the world now exists for anyone with an Internet connection.

Its all about using the right leverage and the right business model to do it.

Massive amounts of wealth will be created over the 5 – 10 years…

One of the secrets to success on the internet is exactly why I love Internet Marketing… because you are in complete control… just NEVER QUIT and you have a real chance to succeed, it really is as simple as that.

So Simple and Easy are important other considerations when looking at starting a business online. Why? Because not everyone will have a high ranking MSL (Marketing Sophistication Level), and you need to offer opportunities to EVERYONE. You want to find a system that allows anyone, from newbie, intermediate or pro-level prospects to get started and benefit from.

There are no secrets to succeeding with online marketing, you just need to set up the right kind of business structure, understand the formula and build out the process.

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Troy Scott

Troy Scott

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