The Path To Starting a Business Online

From Business Failures to Online Opportunities

Troy Scott – Founder JV Marketing Group.
I’m an entrepreneur at heart, just like you.

I fully get that NOBODY really gives a rip about this stuff, but I get asked all the time, How did you get started??? Well…

I started the JV Marketing Group years ago working with business associates and smaller start up companies that needed support creating a presence online.

Troy Scott speaking at Google

Rob Wright (CoFounder of Reachlocal – left) and I speaking about small business strategies at Google.

That passion and drive has never left me, I’ve just redirected it towards building internet business models. Long before any of this business talk, I started my career by dropping out of college. I didn’t see the point, I was already earning a pretty good living as professional photojournalist.

Have Passion, but Make Sure It’s Profitable

Being a Photojournalist, was not a job, it was a passion. I didn’t have an alarm clock and I made my own schedule.

As a photographer, I did a lot of traveling, shot incredible events and locations, not to mention meeting a number of really amazing people along the way. I spent a number of years shooting for motorsports magazines, got to shoot a German Grand Prix and spent even more years in the music business… shooting big touring bands that played in the San Francisco Bay Area.

All access, intimate photo’s and really cool small groups that eventually exploded as mega stars. Metallica is one example.

That experience led me to newspapers and magazines where I did a lot of freelance work and had agency representation out of LA. It was a blast, and it was my first real experience with the concept of ‘mailbox money’ – I even won some awards and was published globally… the entrepreneurial bug took a big bite and left an even bigger mark.

Teaching Inbound Marketing Strategies in San Diego.

How could I go back to a 9-5 after that? With that crazy lifestyle of a rock photographer, you don’t last long unless you get your head straight, get out and become stable at something… so that’s what I did, or at least I thought I did.

My first business attempt was publishing a local music magazine.

We were able to save money on printing costs because, my partner and I worked at the same newspaper at the time (he ran the graphics department) and I was one of the photographers.

We had a few good years until it fizzled out and I moved back to San Jose and eventually found out about Silicon Valley.

My passion for photography led me into TV production and I soon found myself drawn to local television shows on cable access. While there, I became an Executive Producer, connected with the local radio station and I tried to figure out a way to monetize the show “The Opened Door” and of course, that failed.

The staff at these types of productions are all volunteer, so beyond free food and beer after the taping…they didn’t have much of an incentive to stick around. At the peak, I was able to co-produce a national tv show, which did eventually air. After that, again… things just fizzled out.

Looking back, none of these idea’s had an execution plan or any mentorship to guide me along the path… just failure after failure.

The TV thing led me to the one and only time I’ve ever worked for a large corporation.

In this case, both times in Network TV. KNTV, which is now part of NBC Universal and then Comcast Digital, both in the San Jose Bay Area. Today we would call these types of companies digital distribution platforms and I worked on the TV/web convergence side, ad sales and in production.

That was my first real taste of corporate life… suffice it to say, I hated it.

I now knew what I didn’t want, that experience pushed me back into the more nimble and agile world of small businesses, specifically web development and went to work for a small web development company in Los Gatos. At this stage I began to develop go-to-market-strategies for small business owners and entrepreneurs and a few Fortune 500 companies.

Ultimately, I Co Founded a few small companies where still, today, I have both active and shareholder roles. Now its all about helping othere people learn how to start a business online.

internet marketing systemsMy focus is all about executing top of the funnel acquisition strategies with retention tactics built into the funnel. The most important part of this approach is having a clear, well-defined strategy in place.

This plan can be further leveraged by using Inbound Marketing (content marketing) strategies that are completely managed with cloud-based solutions like Hubspot.

Typically these services can in-turn plug directly into most CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions. With these two systems connected… you have a complete top to bottom marketing funnel with some very powerful capabilities.

Content marketing (giving value away in exchange for a lead) in the truest sense was just starting to emerge a few years ago, which ultimately turned into what most of us today would call Inbound Marketing.

I manage the entire gamut of setting up systems, automation tools…email follow up sequencing… and even learned a little bit of code. A little bit…like making things work on WordPress. LOL.

However, the truth is with today’s online collaborative tools… you don’t need to understand code anymore, unless you want to be a programmer. Sure, having advanced skills will help you become more efficient at building your online business, however, the truth is you just need to have a system.

The cool thing about inbound marketing strategies is that you can nurture your prospects/leads as they come thru the system. If you focus on providing real value to your prospects along the way, they become more engaged and therefore, more easily move from a lead into a buyer. In fact, my friend Randy has detailed a complete system that describes exactly what I’m talking about.

Marketing Automation Once the system is set up, you simply continue to provide value, update the content and manage the automated functionality.

An automated system takes a while to set up in the business as usual world and is more commonly referred to as Lead Nurturing or drip campaigns.

So, looking at this type of approach to setting up an internet marketing business, you can begin to understand the power of an automated business model.

Getting traffic to the offer is the second part. Everyone wants organic (basically free) web traffic and you can certainly achieve that objective, but it does take time. It also needs to be done correctly these days because Google can, and will, slap you down if you try what they call “Black Hat” tactics to drive traffic.

The mechanics of SEO are constantly evolving and the experts in this space are worth every penny to do it right.

However, paying for traffic is a much better approach because you can target your buyer persona in some amazingly specific ways. You can also drive SEO, multiple PPC platforms like Adwords, Bing Yahoo!, Facebook Marketing, Twitter’s new ad platform and old faithful Youtube.

There’s also a relatively new type of internet advertising called Native. Typically these types of ads look like content, and can be seen on many daily news sites and specialty content sites. This approach can be very effective and is essentially info-marketing using editorial. Of course other options include; blogging, print advertising, TV, Cable TV, infomercials and host of other things that may or may not make sense for your business objectives.


Then… its all about measuring the data. All your web traffic can be pushed into Google Analytics, or any other tracking software (lots of ’em are out there) to determine your success metrics.

GA has evolved so much that you can even showcase layers of conversion funnel metrics along with having other valuable visual points of interest about your funnel. The value is giving you a better understanding your web traffic behavior in order to determine what is converting or not.

google analyticsThe reality for today’s savvy marketing professionals is that they have a host of tools at their disposal.

It doesn’t matter the level of need either, there are marketing tools…for Enterprise, Sole Proprietor or the Individual traveling around the world running a million dollar enterprise with a laptop… the tools just keep getting better and better.

I’ve managed all those systems, and have become convinced that if you can combine an unbeatable revenue model with the tools available today and a focused Internet Marketing Strategy… you really can leverage complete control of your lifestyle.

What I call Business as Usual is tough compared to Internet Marketing. I say that because I’ve been directly involved with as many as 6 companies from the ground up. I’ve co founded three of them and had lots and lots of failures along the way.

Testing and experimenting in the vast world that is internet marketing gave me the opportunity to really explore all the crazy “get rich quick” or “push button traffic” scams that litter the highways and byways of the internet. This experience also gave me a firm understanding of the foundational components required to actually make a business work online, beyond the hype and with long-term stability.

Having spent a few years trying to figure this stuff out, I was finally able to create direct relationships with some very successful Internet Marketers which paved the way for me to establish partnerships in Leadership Branding, Direct Response Marketing and Mentorship Training.

And…that’s what I do now, I help people expand or create online businesses from their home, a laptop or anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


There are no secrets to succeeding with online marketing, you just need to set up the right kind of business structure, understand the formula and build out the process.

Check out my blog: Discovering the 7 Secrets to living the laptop lifestyle.   

Troy Scott

Troy Scott

Founder at JV Marketing Group
I've created a 7-figure business from scratch and built marketing automation systems responsible for over $50m in sales. Today I coach other entrepreneurs on how to build proven online systems that grow their businesses faster and easier. Can I help you? Go Here ==>