Top Five Online Marketing Podcasts

By on September 1, 2014

Top Five Online Marketing Podcasts

Five Podcasts You Should Know About

Here are my top 5 marketing Podcasts that you may want to add to your list.

As Podcasts go, iTunes has them broken into 17 different categories, which doesn’t seem like a lot until you start to look at the sheer number of them out there… and there are a bunch. Thankfully, this blog is only about 5 of them.

I love marketing

#1 I Love Marketing


1. I Love Marketing

Where to Start: The Very First Show in iTunes… the one at the very bottom is the first show.

–>> iTunes Link & Description

I Love Marketing is an ever expanding world-wide community of people that love marketing and want to keep innovating and learning. This podcast is for Entrepreneurs, small business owners or even start-ups that want inspiration and ACTIONABLE marketing strategies about direct mail ideas, lead generation, lead conversion, getting referrals, email marketing and more. Joe and Dean also discuss psychology, books, people and productivity delivered every Monday to help jump start your week!

True to the logo tagline, this Podcast is mostly Dean and Joe talking about the world of marketing, with an emphasis on internet marketing, direct response, copy writing and a host of other related topics. In my opinion this show is best heard from the very beginning, as in Podcast #1.

The show has evolved quite a bit and meanderers around so many different topics (old school and new school) and ways that you just have to start at beginning, that’s what I did and I highly recommend you do the same. Not only will you get to know how these guys got started, you will gain valuable insights from their experiences. I started listening to their show about a year ago after stumbling upon them during a training with Mark Hoverson.

dean Jackson
From the About Us Page
I fell in love with Marketing as a young boy when I first realized that selling stuff on commission was way easier than renting myself out by the hour for a regular job…and I’ve never looked back. I’ve carried that distaste for real work into my adult life and have focused on a lifestyle centered approach to business using marketing as the ultimate lever to a life of freedom and fun.Dean Jackson
JoePolish3Joe Polish fell in love with Marketing when he realized as a 4 year old sitting on the counter of his father’s locksmith shop that if he smiled nicely…people would give him TIPS. He parlayed that into his famous “I’m trying to win a trip to Disneyland” Newspaper subscription sales method…and evolved THAT into the name-dropping, self-aggrandizing, super-generous style we all LOVE about Joe.
As they put it: This is our opportunity to talk about new marketing ideas, direct mail ideas, lead generation, lead conversion, getting referrals, stick strategies, email marketing, psychology, books, people and even productivity.


Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.51.42 PM

#2 SmartPassiveIncome

Where to Start: Show #1o7 one of his most popular

–>>iTunes Link & Description

Pat Flynn from The Smart Passive Income Blog reveals all of his online business and blogging strategies, income sources and killer marketing tips and tricks so you can be ahead of the curve with your online business or blog. Discover how you can create multiple passive income streams that work for you so that you can have the time and freedom to do what you love, whether it’s traveling the world, or just living comfortably at home. Although Pat confesses he is not a millionaire, he’s been supporting his family 100% with passive income generated online, easily earning a six-figure salary while working only a few hours a week. Automation, outsourcing, crowdsourcing, search engine optimization, building authority and trust, niche sites, social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Podcasting, eBooks, online courses, affiliate marketing, getting things done and everything that works (and doesn’t work) to help you better understand how to crush it with your online business.

What I like most about this podcast is the overall transparency that Pat delivers. Not only is Pat constantly interviewing some the best of the best, he is actually living the reality of the shows namesake. Mr. Flynn, monthly in fact, pulls back the curtain and shows you exactly how much money he makes by living the life of Smart Passive Income. Check out the link to learn more.


Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 11.47.14 AM

#3 Digital Triggers

Where to Start: Since this a fairly new show, I would start with the first one.

–>>iTunes Link & Description

Are you tired of another silly ‘success quote’ or inauthentic ‘canned interview’? TriggerCast shoots for something different and aims our sights higher. With our twice a week format, we stray away from the standard ‘cookie cutter’ podcast. On Tuesday we provide insider access to a guest from our own personal network. Guests include high level CEOs, entrepreneurs and experts who are straight-up badasses. Get real strategies and actionable tips that you can really use. On Friday we provide our “Friday Reload” where we aim to cut through the fluff and get you caught up on what was important this week. After spending 25 hours researching all the new content (stories, blog posts, videos) from the week, we distill it into only 25 minutes. Let us spend the time so that you can easily stay up to date. 

This podcast is relatively new and somewhat obscure. However, what I like most about it is that the discussion topics mostly surround advanced marketing tactics and what is taking place in the marketplace.  For example a recent episode #17 “Amazon Takes on Google, Case Study: Create a Squeeze Page That Converts at 21.7%, How to Connect with VIPs Via Email, Video SEO in a Post-Rich Snippet World” – this summary does a really good job of giving you the indication of the sort of topics discussed.

Another bonus is that the interviews get straight to the point, and provide a TON of practical strategies and tips that the pros are using. What’s great is that anyone can implement these idea’s directly into their business.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.12.19 PM

#4 TheFoundation Podcast

Where to Start: #7 Alignment and What it Can Do For You

–>>iTunes Link & Description

How do you start a business when you have no money? No experience? No credibility? Or even no idea? This podcast will show you how. Every week successful entrepreneurs share the strategies of how they built their businesses entirely from scratch. No silver spoons. No magic bullets. No monkey business. Just hustling and using strategies that work. And the best part? For each episode we create a custom Action Guide so you know EXACTLY what action steps to take when you’re done listening.

In my opinion this Podcast is one of the best out there for new entrepreneurs. These guys offer a classroom setting and online course that teaches specific methods for creating a software business. The basic premise here is that you can go out into the marketplace, perform an established set framework of discovery methodologies and development strategies (taught inside the online course) which helps you uncover a current problem in the market… model the solution to that problem and create as real product by building a software solution around it. Literally creating a SAAS business “software as a service” from the ground up, hence, Starting from Nothing.

What I love most about this podcast is having the opportunity to listen the inspiring stories that come from the interviews of other entrepreneurs in the trenches. You get the good the bad and the awesome from each interview. Over the last few months they have changed up the format (for the better) and moved away from a strictly interview style format and brought with it a fun and exciting, if not slightly esoteric and entertaining Podcast.

#5 AmyPorterfield Podcast

Where to Start: Definitely start with the very first one. This is advanced Facebook marketing strategies should be listened to from the very first show.

–>>iTunes Link & Description

“Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies” co-author and online entrepreneur Amy Porterfield shows you exactly how to monetize your online marketing and blogging efforts using her own tested, ACTIONABLE lead generation strategies — so you can successfully launch and promote a new program, grow your email list, get more leads, build your authority, turn your customers into raving advocates OR simply find the time (and mindset!) to rock your social media and content marketing. From creating an online course to video marketing, webinar recording, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, new content creation (including eBooks, guides and cheat sheets) and email marketing, Amy is going to reveal what works (and what doesn’t) once and for all. Why? Because after an awesome, inspiring stint with Harley Davidson and Tony Robbins, Amy figured out what she really loves: helping small business owners like you break down BIG, powerful strategies into step-by-step actions…so you can see BIG, powerful results, fast.

If you are currently marketing on Facebook, you should be listening to this podcast… simple as that. From content creation to tips and tricks Amy covers it all. What I love most about this Podcast is the simple down to earth tactics and strategies that are presented. From the very fist podcast to the current shows each show is a mini-training and is packed with value. Its also great to hear her interview other marketers who present alternative idea’s for marketing on Facebook.

Bonus #1

This podcast is so cool… I just had to tell you about it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 5.55.13 PM

BONUS: Tailopez

Where to Start: I would start with the very first one and build into each progressive show.

–>>iTunes Link & Description

How to find health, wealth, love and happiness.

I love this Podcast, in fact I purchased his 67 Secrets Series…  you will hear about if you bounce around his website, its pretty powerful. However you can get a ton of value by just listening to his podcasts.  Tai is a self-made millionaire and what’s cool about his show is that he reads a book a day, and weaves a lot of the books that made an impact on him into his podcasts. If you like listening to someone has a lot to share within the framework of understanding “How to find health, wealth, love and happiness” this podcast is for you.

BONUS #2 : MinutewithMark

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.12.05 PM

Where to Start: I would start with the very first one and build into each progressive show.

–>>iTunes Link & Description

How to find and create Value Driven offers and adventures in Android Earnings.

Mark Hoverson, Minute with Mark.


Mark Hoverson is an 8-Figure Adventurepreneur, Info-Marketer, and Dad of 4 rambunctious kids. His marketing & lifestyle “how to” videos have been viewed over 1,000,000 hours online. Creator of the Invisible Empire training series, I never miss an episode. Often times I reply them over and over.


There are no secrets to succeeding with Online Marketing. You just need to set up the right kind of business structure, understand the formula and build out the process.

Check out my blog: Discovering the 7 Secrets to living the laptop lifestyle.

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