The Importance of Content Marketing

By on May 19, 2015

Why Content Marketing Should Be Part of Your Sales Funnel

As a marketer, your job is to… well, market right? Are you buying ads, PPC, blogging, social media publishing, syndicating or curating content, sending out direct mail pieces or podcasting?

There are lots of ways to market products and services both on and offline.

What is your “Top of the funnel” plan?

I’m suggesting that Content Marketing should be part of your plan. I jumped on board the Content Marketing train a few years ago when I launched an Inbound Marketing strategy and experienced stellar results in one of the niche markets I work with.

After analyzing the industries typical customer acquisition model (what everyone else did), we quickly realized that many of the prospects were actually tire kickers and not at all interested in making an appointment or worse, making a purchase. Yet, our top of the funnel model forced them down that path anyway.

After taking the time to better understand the prospects path, we looked at other ways we could provide information to our users about various subject matter that, in turn, would ultimately move the user down the buyer’s journey. We provided video, .pdf’s, customer testimonials and addressed very specific topics.

We completely changed the way leads entered our system. Rather than just asking them to fill out a lead form or give us a call we created a buyers journey.

Additional Benefits of Content Marketing

Market Differentiation StrategiesThis approach created lots of upside. It turned out to be a massive benefit for not only creating a better more qualified lead, it helped us establish a true Market Differentiation Strategy. The first major benefit was that it paved the way for us to become the authority figure in the marketplace.

The second benefit was to the user as we began to provide the type of content our users wanted.

We gained trust by not forcing our users to pick up the phone or fill out a RFI lead form just to access our information. It worked.

In fact, I grew lead flow by 920% over a 2-year period without increasing the marketing budget; I simply changed the way we acquired our leads. Lead flow from this acquisition model went from 7% to 65% of total lead flow, where it is today, just over 70%.

j v marketing, automation Our first step was creating just 2-pieces of Free downloadable content (or lead magnets) as they’re sometimes called. We saw instant results, so much so that we know have offer up to 26 different types lead magnets that self-segment our prospects into 4-different sales channels.

Key tip: Its content that our market values.

Simply put: We gave users what they wanted and the users gave us what we wanted, leads and sales.

In the world of online marketing, Internet marketing, information marketing etc., your job is to provide your prospects with the information they’re looking for – a product they want or a service they need.

Perhaps your prospects need a way to drive more leads, or to better understand how to market with video or maybe how to build a better sales funnel… these are real examples in my market that I strive to help my users solve for… so guess what my content is all about >these problems.

My perspective on content marketing is that if you can provide enough real value up front and your prospects perceive value in your offer – they will give you value in return. Whether that return path takes the shape of a new subscriber, a social share or a sale; it all depends on what you’re after as the end result.

What is your content marketing strategy?

To borrow from what Andy Betts posted on Search Engine Watch, I have to agree… ‘Many fail to truly understand what content marketing really means ‘beyond the blog post‘, ‘beyond the view’ and ‘beyond the like’. That’s because most people don’t have a top to bottom strategy, they only have a tactic.

Depending on your perspective on this subject and perhaps more importantly, your goals as a content marketer, content marketing should be the result of understanding what your market finds value in. Once you have this figured out you can create the type of content that ultimately delivers value.

Once this framework and strategy is in place the value ladder has been established. Now it’s time to execute traffic generating activities to the offers you present. This entire process is what enables lead flow and drives sales.


There are no secrets to succeeding with Online Marketing. You just need to set up the right kind of business structure, understand the formula and build out the process.

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