Success is a Process

How To Get Started Making Money Online

Even if you’re brand new to this “internet marketing thing” or to the home based business world in general, taking the time to understand how you can actually make money online should be your first priority. Too many of us (myself included) have wasted both time and money on products that did not work.

However, no matter what level you’re at, brand new or already successful, the first thing you quickly discover is that you need a system to make it all work. Because, and as Cliché as it sounds, its the brutal truth… you can’t build a house without a foundation. The same goes for online marketing, success is not an event, success is a process.


When you first get started, you either leverage an established system or you need to create your own. It really is as simple as that. Getting started with a system that’s done for your is way less complicated and typically allows you to just bolt-it-on to an existing or active business.  Making money online is quite often a combination of multiple income sources derived from marketing activities that generate opt-ins and lead to eventual sales.

Marketing Sophistication Level

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We all enter this business at some level of sophistication in our abilities to market a product or service online. We either acquire these skills by doing, in our jobs or we own business that require these types of skills and abilities. You can even acquire these skills by purchasing online training courses.

Either-way, this framework makes up our  “how to” awareness experience. Your Awareness or knowledge level is all about the skills and abilities that you have to leverage and use technology.

You will get left behind if don’t keep up to date on internet marketing technology – or – you need to find a system that does not require a high-level of sophistication to manage and leverage that system.

Having these types of skills today make up what I would call digital currency. If you know how to market and get leads and customers you will not get left behind… this skill set makes up what I call your “Marketing Sophistication Level – MSL” and gives you a personal MSL Rank.

This ranking describes your technical ability, marketing knowledge and your people skills… all part of the internet marketing job description landscape. Learning to become proficient with these skills can dramatically increase your ability to make money online.

Individuals Always Create their own MSL level.

They’re not born with it, it’s learned by reading books, taking classes online, attending events and being teachable. It doesn’t stop there. Leaders get involved with mastermind groups, mentorship programs and generally speaking, are always learning and improving their skills.

When you think about it, ultimately – the internet can be broken into two groups; content creators & content consumers. You want a business that has both sides of the equation, in my opinion.

Vince Reed

The MSL scale ranks people from 1 to 5. Level 1 is being completely brand new… then, as you acquire new skills and learn more things, you advance your rank to the next level. I’m certainly not a 5, but I did start at level 1, just like everyone else.

Ryan Deiss

Myself and Ryan Deiss

Something to keep in mind when you see successful online marketers, everyone who ever became any sort of success started at level 1.

The top players in this game are just people too, (who have also created personal brands) like Mark Hoverson (below), Vincent Ortega Jr., Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard, Eben Pagen, Joe Polish, Tony Rush, Kristian Hoenicke, Randy Schrum, John Lavenia, Vince Reed and this list goes on and on.

Each and every one of them started at level 1 and worked very hard to build a brand, acquire new skills and (out worked everyone else = got lucky) became successful.


Remember… Success is not an Event it’s a Process

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Mark Hoverson and I at a recent Mastermind. If you don’t own Solomon CEO you really are missing out.

The key takeaway here, is that there really are no secrets to creating income online, you simply need to align yourself with others that have gone before you, model what works and put in the work.

On this page I outline the framework required and what you need know. Everything from how the foundation is built, to the first steps you need to take in order to get started.

You can leverage the internet into profits.

Check out Mark’s recently launch podcast here.

The marketing platforms of today are incredible, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest, Youtube… just to name a few. These new platforms make up the components of the new marketing paradigm shift happening right before your very eyes.

The time is now, don’t miss out, you owe it to yourself to at least look at this as a real opportunity. You really can make money online.

It’s a pretty exciting online world once you realize and comprehend the incredible potential that comes with combining automated technology, an amazing value proposition and the scalability offered by the Internet. The technology of today has made it completely possible for anyone to start a business. What’s even more incredible, is that you really can do it for next to nothing in terms of start up costs.

There are no secrets to succeeding with online marketing, you just need to set up the right kind of business structure, understand the formula and build out the process.

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