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By on November 21, 2015
how to start a business, kajabi

How to Start a Business & Make $6k in One Week

Here’s a detailed approach on how to start a business and make $6k on its first release.

Originally I launched this product here: Artificial Grass Selling Machine and built out a standard drip of video content that explained how this system could benefit the user group I targeted.

Ultimately, however, I ended up moving the fulfilment side of the product online using the new Kajabi Platform that came out last week.

Here’s an update for you on the product launch at a Live Event I spoke at this month in San Diego. Results so far, sales are now just over $6k paid, with 95% of these sales coming in as pure digital transactions… I still have follow-ups to do on soft-orders (commitments made – not billed yet) of ~$18k from this small test group of 35 people. I have identified 3 other groups within this niche that I can make this offer to.

Here is a good thing to remember:

Execution + Low Hanging Fruit + Leverage + Short Timeline to Market = Grand Slam… Everytime.

I’ve moved off the PayPal platform and over to Stripe using the New Kajabi content platform as I mentioned earlier. This explains why the revenue is a different total than the picture below.

Why am I telling you this? Because anyone can do it now, the technology is here…

Troy Scott

Before you create a digital product, make sure your audience actually wants to buy them.

As sales come in, I’m going to refine this approach and take it directly to larger city small business owners via Chamber of Commerce opportunities and duplicate the process.

This product launch is not a traditional product launch aka (Jeff Walker Style ) in the sense that I cultivated an email list and persuaded them to buy a product over a period of time.

These prospects are actual business owners with real marketing problems in a niche where I’m personally perceived as an authority.

Of course that helps… but really anyone can do this if they can offer true value to the customer. Even more so if its a digital asset that can become a click to profit for you.

I pitched this concept to a very specific buyer group and then sold from the stage for the first time, presenting a case study of prior success on (How Content Marketing & Automation Creates More Qualified Buyers).

The case study showed how I took Internet lead flow from 7% (93% of leads from other sources outside of the Internet) to where it is today, 73% of total Lead flow using these Strategies.

I taught the group exactly what I did to achieve those results in a format that I assumed they wanted to see. I showed them what tools I used and gave away all the secrets, the links and access to the Google doc… everything.

Here is what is interesting.

When I first had the vision of this product, I actually thought I was building an online course for business owners of this specific niche. I (still plan to do that) however, after doing a few webinars prior to this event, with the same group, and asking specific questions…
what I quickly realized was that this group did not want to learn how to do anything!

They wanted a system that was Done For Them!

Big Tip:
If your planning to build a digital product, course etc, make sure you have someone on the other end that actually wants it!

Its vitally important for creating the buyers rush <<< but before that happens make sure you have potential buyers in place who will find value in your product…first!

Can you imagine the miserable failure this would have been if I had gone with my original plan to build a course and pitch that and not taken the time to survey my prospects beforehand? Yikes.

Fortunately I was able to pivot at the right time and create something this niche market actually wants to buy. You wont be able to do that in all instances, but with this small group of business owners I was able to ask them exactly what they needed help with in the middle of building a product I thought they wanted…

how to start a business, kajabi

Armed with that knowledge, I simply went out and re-configured the offer to match the need. Today’s $2494 digital sale was part of that process.

This is a digital purchase, all I do is hook-up the technology, edit some .pdf’s, plug in email templates, dial in a few landing pages and hit go… easy peazy.

Plus, I pocket monthly affiliate sales with a subscription model for the services provided. Today’s new digital world allows massive scale and global opportunities to leverage wildly successful subscription models for just about anything.

It does take a little work,  but it’s significantly easier today to learn how to start a business…it’s possible to create digital products that people will buy. I just showed you how I did it.


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