The Great ‘Remarketing Pixels’ Land Rush

By on March 6, 2015

The Future of Traffic is about Dropping Pixels

How Re-marketing Pixels are Changing Everything

That was my exact text response to Dan are you kidding me, a great friend and business associate and also one of my first investors. Via a text conversation, Dan was all of a sudden my road buddy for the next few days heading to southern California. I’m not a morning person, I’m more of a take-a-plane kind of guy…but Dan’s persuasive and we left my house in San Jose.

the great pixel land rush

6am Are You Kidding Me?

At 6am Monday morning we began the journey down highway 101 to the 3-day, information overload, tweeted out as #TCS2015 event – known as the Digital Marketers’ 2015 Traffic and Conversion Summit. Our destination… the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, California.

In the chance you’re unfamiliar with the #TCS2015 gathering… its a pretty geeky affair and typically attended by the world’s top Internet Marketing professionals and entrepreneurs.

Many of these folks have made the annual trip (6 times now) from around the world to network and attend all of the amazing workshops and breakout sessions.

In fact, its even streamed around the world as a pay per view event.

Make no mistake about it, we all go for the same reason.

As marketers and as leaders, we want to hear about major technology trends, funnel conversion optimization, re-targeting tactics, content creation strategies and what’s working now in online marketing. Oh, and the networking is next level.

Then we all rush back and implement these technologies into our businesses. More on that later.

However, this year was a bit different from the normality of technology updates and best practices.

This year things had changed.

The big message from Ryan Deiss, Co-Founder of Digital Marketer, producers of this event, was simple: Create your own media company…  insert scratched record sound… wait, what?

Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss and I, San Diego.

Yup. But not in the traditional definition of what that means – rather, create your own visitor network and in doing so… you will…

Own. Your. Traffic.

Imagine all the traffic that comes to your site? Now understand that all of those users have YOUR tracking & retargeting pixels placed on their browsers (Facebook or Google Adwords pixels specifically) that will now track across all of YOUR published content, lead magnets or opt-in pages.

Now… you can remarket to this group at anytime, assuming you deliver value driven content and offers.

This type of technology isn’t new – but comparing this approach to the same way radio stations have a listener audience or a TV Network has reach… would be the same as creating your own media company.

When your company is Marketing Centric and not Product Centric you’re a media company.

Now think about that for a second and look at this approach thru the lens of a content marketer. With this strategy you can literally segment these users by deploying “content congruent” strategies that deliver value to your audience based on what they tell you they want.

This is a major paradigm change for marketers and the marketers who position correctly to take advantage of this this trend… will win big.

I have.

One of the business I work with uses “Content Congruency” strategies and has grown internet leadflow from 7% of total lead flow (back in 2013) to 58% of total leadflow. As of February 2015, this business realizes 64% of total leadflow from these strategies. This is a Powerful marketing advantage.

At the conference Ryan spoke specifically about 3 Big Shifts taking place now. Oh by the way, what does Ryan know?

Well, he runs digital properties that generate $50million annually and are projected to reach “his quote” $100million in sales by the end of this year.

Continue Ryan, I’m listening.

Big Shift #1

UXO is Replacing SEO

UXO is Replacing SEO

When your company is Marketing Centric and not Product Centric you’re a media company

This is where the phrase, The Great Pixel Land Rush of 2015… was born.

If you’re new to all this, UXO stands for User Experience Optimization, this framework speaks directly to the truth of today… which means that you should engineer your content to deliver exactly what your user is looking for.

Look at this photo (below) it should be your new content conversion roadmap strategy.

What were doing now

By optimizing the user experience you give your users what they want, value driven content.

As a result, your opt-in and conversion rates should and will improve while building up your pixel network for remarketing these engaged users with content they told you they wanted. Remember the example above on how I grew Internet Leads by 840%… 7% to 58%… I used this exact strategy and segmented the users into 4 different types of content.

Look at those conversion rates on the right.

Coversion Rates

By adopting this strategy with all of the content you publish, with Facebook as an example; you will begin to create what is called a Custom Audience that’s tracked directly to your content.

Looking below you can see that I am using this exact strategy with the JV Marketing Group. This approach is working well with some of my other clients too, creating Custom Audiences will allow you to segment the user groups by offers and interest.

I’ve deployed this strategy across a number of offers. Using this approach provides a great way to target interests for your users.


This approach allows you to create a “tribe” of sorts that will enable you to market your offer(s) over and over in a way that is sort of permissioned based (because the user has opted in and wants your content) rather than impression & click traffic based… like everyone else.


He or She who places the most retargeting pixels over the next few years will win the new frontier in digital marketing.

Its a bold statement, but true. The data doesn’t lie.

Ideally, you will want to monetize your offer in a way that allows you to become the marketing voice and not the product voice. This approach will create a significant shift in your marketing capabilities and help you create a much better relationship with your users by sending them content they want and asked for to begin with.

Combining this strategy with a value driven offer, positions you with the upper hand over your competition.


There are no secrets to succeeding with Online Marketing. You just need to set up the right kind of business structure, understand the formula and build out the process.

Check out my blog: Discovering the 7 Secrets to living the laptop lifestyle.



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