You Need a System

To Make Money Online… You Need to have a System

Equally Important Are The Value Your Products Offer

Having a great system makes things work… Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less: Here’s a great book for you:

In order to make money online it really is all about how things are put together and how those things work together…setting up systems that work with you and not against you are the most important elements to consider.

Of course you need a solid product line and the action required to grow the business. However, the bottom line is that a great system holds everything together – for you. 

Essentially you can lump most internet marketing opportunities into 1 of 3 types of formats that most if not all fall into:

1. Here’s the Manual (thanks, goodbye and good luck)

2. Follow Along (videos and coaching)

3. Done For You (the best kind, stuffed with value and incredibly profitable, a complete system)

This first type of product is basically a system you sell to someone that has to read the manual and figure it out. It’s kind of like…if you can build it they will come sort of thing. As you might imagine…its the least desirable from a prospect’s perspective because these types of programs don’t help people… it too much work to read the manual. Most folks who buy this stuff don’t know any better.

I mean, if your forcing people to read the manual and figure it out…they won’t.

Most people won’t take the time and as a result, most people don’t succeed with this type of product. However, it still sells and it’s out there… its a start but you really don’t want to get started with these types of products.

The second type, Follow Along is much more successful in terms of adoption by the prospect.

These products typically deliver a higher success rate because the value inside these products tends to be much bigger. The brutal truth here: The Internet is full of a bunch of empty “push button” get rich crap that unfortunately takes advantage of people.

That’s typically why the Follow Along model is so successful. It’s harder to create these types of info products because they require much more integrity and value to be built in. Typically they’re built with step by step guides and videos that allow business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their existing businesses. Quite often these types of systems even provide a way to help create a completely new and separate business or additional revenue streams.

You can start to see why the Follow Along type of business model does very well… its full of value and integrity.

However, the ultimate and most successful type of Internet Marketing Systems are the third type.

The Done For You type – a complete system that allows for a number of massive advantages in your favor. Like the Online Sales Pro system.

Typically these types of systems are the most full of value to the client and the easiest to sell because of the value level being delivered. These systems are also a little hard to come by. The biggest names involved in Internet Marketing offer products that are Done For You. These systems quite often offer super-secret coaching, tricks and training and offer massive upside in revenue and growth potential with high-ticket commissions while offering real-time applications that deliver results for the newest person getting involved.

The Done For You model is what you want, preferably with digital products that in turn allow you to leverage all of the incredible scale that comes with a global sales model.  Then, depending on your marketing sophistication level…it really is all about exposure and driving up the long-term value of your customers or team members.

To the right is an example of a higher-end marketing sophistication level the total CVO diagram, that I detail in another part of this website. Possessing the skill set to build, drive and execute on this type of plan can be learned, once this type of system is in place and functional, you simply manage it from the top and just continue to drive traffic.Customer Value Optimization

This entire concept is what this system is all about, how to get started in a Done For You model that can automate and put on auto-pilot. I’ve got good news, you don’t need to start with anything nearly as complicated.

Learning how to make money online is a journey of learning, implementing and understanding how systems work.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to this industry or not… you’re in the right place. Get excited, especially if you understand the CVO model… that is a machine! If you have no idea what that thing is to the right, you should be even more excited… because everything you need to know is shown to you with videos and training programs inside our step by step system.

There are no secrets to succeeding with online marketing, you just need to set up the right kind of business structure, understand the formula and build out the process.

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Troy Scott

Troy Scott

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