How to Leverage Technology in the Workplace

By on May 17, 2015
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A Few of the Many Ways to Leverage Technology

When you understand how to leverage technology, you put yourself in a fantastic position for so many great reasons. Not only can you create income online, you can become a ‘digital nomad’ too, which is something that more and more people are actually doing.

These ‘digital nomads’ are breaking the traditional rule of employment and finding internet freedom along the way. This is such great article on how this new type of worker class is beginning to emerge. As the Daily Telegraph showcases below, these folks are breaking the boundaries of the traditional 9-5 and leveraging technology to do it.

Not only are we in the new age of entrepreneurism, the very core of how people can earn a living (with a job) is changing and its not just for a vacation, folks are living in paradise and working from home.

Fed up with spending the 9 to 5 in a stuffy office? Anna Hart packs her Mac and follows the trend for extreme remote working – in Bali Living and working in paradise: the rise of the ‘digital nomad’ – Telegraph

Source: Living and working in paradise: the rise of the ‘digital nomad’ – Telegraph

There are no secrets to succeeding with Online Marketing. You just need to set up the right kind of business structure, understand the formula and build out the process.

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