How the Best Hotel Deals are Found

By on January 25, 2015
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There are thousands of hotels across the United States, from fancy five-star luxury resorts to roadside motels that haven’t changed in decades. A great hotel room can create a memorable trip, but a bad one could make your vacation a disaster.

hotel dealsThe good news is that you don’t have to be a travel agent to get the best hotel deal at the best place. There are excellent sites out there that can help you choose a great room in the area you want to be most. With a basic hotel search through a travel search engine, you can learn about an area, hotels in that area, amenities offered by the hotel, and even compare the hotel to similar hotels in the neighborhood. My favorite is but, and are also great travel search engines.

All search engines give you the ability to search hotels in a vicinity, compare the amenities, price, and distance from your destination, so that you chose one that suits your needs best. The cheapest is not always the best, but often times you will find the most expensive does not fulfill your needs. The best advice is once you choose a hotel that meets your needs then read the reviews. Other customers are brutally honest. You will learn much more reading the reviews than you will reading information provided on the hotels website.

I often read reviews from several sites to get a well-rounded picture. I have avoided dreadful mistakes by doing this and sometimes, I’ve got lucky and ended up in a friendly budget hotel nicer than high-end rooms at an expensive brand hotel.

TIP! Use travel search engines to find a great deal. If you have a hotel loyalty program your a part of, be sure you enter this information while looking through rates.

Before booking your room, double-check your organizational memberships. Some of the hotels may provide discounts on hotel stays if you belong to organizations such as AAA or AARP. These discounts can be as much as 10 percent or even more. On a multiple night stay, these savings can really add up. That’s almost an extra free night when staying for a week.

Try to book at hotel chains where you already have a loyalty card, or a frequent flyer card that extends miles to your stay. If you do not have a loyalty card, sign up for one. Often times you get instant discounts and advantages just for being a card holder.

TIP! If you want a meal at night, it is much more comfortable to enjoy room service. While you’re likely to pay a little more, it’s worth having the convenience of staying in your room (and in your pajamas) while you wait to satisfy those nocturnal cravings.


Think about your needs when booking a room. If you are light sleeper, ask for a room on a higher floor. As a rule of thumb, when your room is on a higher floor it will be quieter. If you are traveling with children, and the hotel has a pool, you may want to stay closer to the bottom floor. Chances are the kids are going to be in and out of the room often and you want to be close enough to keep an eye on them. Also, if you are traveling with pets, bottom floor rooms are better for walking the dogs. Remember bottom floors are noisier so if your dog barks at noise, a back corner away from the pool may work better.

Next time you are looking for a hotel room, take time to research. Compare hotels, read reviews, and book your room smart by thinking about your needs and using loyalty cards. You will find you get more for your buck and have a better room in the long run. Take that extra cash you just saved and do something special for yourself. After all, you worked hard for this break!


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