How Outsource Marketing & Automation Grew My Revenue $2.1m… in just 11-Months

By on December 30, 2015
outsourcing marketing for entrepreneurs

The Power of Outsourcing Marketing

Entrepreneurs have many things in common, besides outsourcing marketing. However, if there is one universal truth it’s this: at some point, all of us will get hit in the face with a universal one-two punch.

The first punch comes when your personal bandwidth hits a ceiling. When you finally realize you REALLY CAN’T DO IT ALL by yourself.

The second punch; discovering you actually have a time management problem. Of course, the latter can be solved using Passive Income strategies. However, most of us will need to get punched first.

2015 was the year it finally happened to me. That dreaded 1-2 combo to the face.

For so many entrepreneurs (myself included) for some reason we have this intense desire to do everything ourselves. I don’t know where that comes from. Maybe its out of fear that the task will not be done right if we don’t do it. Still for others (yup, went thru this too) its grappling with the art of perfectionism.

This one is a killer. It can keep businesses from being launched, limit any action being taken to bring an idea to light, or worse… just paralyze you.  I’ve been thru all of that too, and if any of these issues are holding you up, my advice is to just get it published.

Getting your product or service to market is way more important then holding on to the “its not perfect yet” fallacy. Here’s the truth, it will never be perfect… why do you think they have a version 2.o for everything?

Having a product in the market beats perfection by a long-shot… generating revenue wins 100% of the time. By outsourcing marketing in your business you can leverage additional support and make more money as a result.

I can unequivocally say without a single doubt… 2015 was the year I fully embraced the concept of outsourcing marketing.

Here’s what I found out. When I combined my expertise, with other people’s expertise AND JUST LET GO… not only did I get my time back, in this example, I grew revenues by $2.1 million in only 11 months. The result was a spectacular serendipity.

However, its important to note, this result was a by-product of me being quite obsessive FIRST. I was doing all the work by my self, trusting no one and taking the time to set it right. In fact, I spent 2+ years getting it figured out.

outsourcing marketing for entrepreneursAs you will see in the article below, I set up the all the systems and marketing automation years prior (click here for the full story) and was already successful, to a certain extent.

The moral of the story here: When I got out of my own way, let go of the details and trusted another expert… I got more things done with better results.

I’m lucky, I get to work with a lot of cool companies and OverGo Studio is no different. Back in 2014 I was already having great results using Inbound Marketing Strategies for one of my companies. The problem was creating content, managing workflow and balancing my other businesses.

I used the power of outsourcing marketing automation.

Here is a case study showing you how I gained $2.1 mil in additional revenue in 1 year.

Source: Marketing Automation Drives $2.1 Million in Additional Revenue in Only 11 Months

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