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By on December 6, 2015
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A “Done For You” Marketing Automation System

Marketing automation can change a business literally overnight. Earlier this month I launched one of my first “DFY” Done For You, digital marketing products with built-in marketing automation… Artificial Grass Selling Machine fortunately, it’s been well received as I continue to expand its reach.

During the early stages and ground work of building out this product, I was introduced to Joel Kellman (Chief Visionary Officer at Online Sales Pro) thru another friend of mine Vincent Ortega Jr. as I built in the OSP marketing automation technology into my product. Essentially, the technology allows users to interact with leads in real-time. I’ve been blown away with the results.

marketing automation

After just one day, I’m already on the leaderboard.

They’re both great guys to work with. Joel and his team have built a great product and have incredible customer support. I’ve known Vince for years, having partnered on a few internet marketing projects in the past.

Yesterday they launched a new business partnership… and released http://jvmarketinggroup.onlinesalespro.com/osp1 <<< a new type of marketing funnel that helps anyone create a home based business from their phone or computer.

Think of it as a front end lead source to any opportunity.
Or a stand alone biz op by itself. By taking advantage of mobile technology and the proliferation of marketing automation, this system is one of the best to hit the market in quite a long time.

If you’re currently in a network marketing company or looking for new ways to leverage a completely different type of “Done for You” system, this is worth a look. They bring over 20 years of technology experience and have spent the last 6-months building out this new model.

I do have to say it’s pretty slick.

Here is the checklist for what this system does for you:

– Done For You custom built sales funnels
– A completely automated follow up system
– A mobile app to run your business
– Unlimited traffic resources
– 100% training and support
– A global marketplace from you computer
– Weekly webinars done for you
– Your prospects get closed for you
– A very advanced digital sales system
– Recurring revenue opportunities

It’s pretty interesting… I bought some traffic yesterday and there are my results.

Click this link Online Sales Pro to learn more.

Troy Scott

Troy Scott

Founder at JV Marketing Group
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